Q: Are these shoes legit?

A: Yes, 100000% Guaranteed

Q: Where do you get them from?

A:these are purchased from within the USA, not from overseas factories, Gray market, or excess factory produced.

Q: Why a mark-up on price?

A: We are able to get early release, Samples and GR's which you wold have to camp/ win auction/ win raffle..etc.  We mark our prices accordingly.

Q:  Can I get it cheaper?

A: Our prices are firm. We do offer discounts when purchasing multiple pairs, this will show upon your check out.

Purchasing information

all sales are final. refund only in some condition.

We only sell Authentic items either verified by numerous legit checks, or other reputable shops if we have questions.

Please be aware that any item DS will come with all original release material. Any non DS shoe will also come with said material unless otherwise stated in the listing.

There is a major difference between Fake, and UA.

UA is also fake but uses the same material and excess components of a shoe to recreate a high demand item, AFTER the authorized timeline set by the company initiating the contract.

Fakes use lower quality or alternate material to replicate a item in high demand.

Both versions are fake and we do our best to separate and UA items that mainly you see ending up on ebay, IG or other site way early. We will never sell a fake item.

all sales are final. refund only in some condition. Instagram